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The Department of English internship is available for qualified students (sophomores and up who have completes the UK CORE CCR requirement) to receive academic credit through applied and practical experience with a variety of private and public entities, including but not limited to the University Press of Kentucky, law firms, media outlets, the Lexington Public Library, the Carnegie Center, and others.


In some cases, the English Dept. works to find students to fill existing positions.  In others, the students can find an internship and then work with English to earn credit.  In both scenarios, the student will work with a sponsor in a field-, community-based, practical or applied educational experience. 

The internship will be supervised by both a responsible person on site and by an English Dept. faculty member (usually the DUS/Internship Coordinator). A learning contract must be completed by the student, the faculty supervisor, and the on-site internship supervisor, then filed with the English Dept.’s Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in order to receive credit for this course. Credits: 1-3 credit hours, depending on the time required and nature of the internship. Approximately 10 hours a week of internship work equals three credit hours. At midterm, the faculty and on-site supervisors will communicate about the student’s progress so that the faculty member can submit a midterm grade. English 399 will be graded only on a pass-fail basis. Repeatable for a total of up to 6 credit hours.


For more information, contact Marion Rust

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