Old Major and Minor (for students enrolled prior to Fall 2013)

(Note: beginning Fall 2013 most of the course numbers in the curriculum have changed. This outline provides the old curriculum numbers. Please contact the Department and the Director of Undergraduate Studies to confirm course equivalencies for the Major requirements under the current curriculum.)

* * *


Pre-major Requirements: 6 hours

  • ENG 230 Introduction to Literature

Plus one of the following:

  • ENG 231 Literature and Genre
  • ENG 232 Literature and Place
  • ENG 233 Literature and Identities
  • ENG 234 Introduction to Women's Literature
  • ENG 264 Major Black Writers
  • ENG 281 Introduction to Film

Major Requirements: 31 hours

Criticism Course (3 hours):

  • ENG 330 Text and Context

Language Module (3 hours):

Choose one:

  • ENG 210 History of the English Language
  • ENG 211 Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENG 310 American English

Literature Module (12 hours):

Choose four courses, including two British and two American courses. Choose at least three surveys total.

British Literature:

  • ENG 331 Survey of British Literature, Beowulf-Milton
  • ENG 332 Survey of British Literature, Dryden-Present
  • ENG 333 Studies in a British author (subtitle required)

American Literature:

  • ENG 334 Survey of American Literature I, Origins-1865
  • ENG 335 Survey of American Literature II, 1865-Present
  • ENG 336 Studies in an American author (subtitle required)

Area Modules (12 hours):

Choose four additional courses, at least two of which must be drawn from the same area module.

Literature Module:

  • ENG 481G Studies in British Literature
  • ENG 482G Studies in American Literature
  • ENG 483G Studies in African-American/Diasporic Literature
  • ENG 484G Studies in Comparative Literature
  • ENG 485G Studies in Literature and Gender
  • ENG 570 Selected Topics for Advanced Studies in Literature
  • ENG 572 Studies in Literature for Teachers

Imaginative Writing Module:

  • ENG 207 Beginning Workshop (may be repeated up to 6 hours)
  • ENG 407 Intermediate Workshop (may be repeated up to 6 hours)
  • ENG 507 Advanced Workshop (may be repeated up to 6 hours)

Writing Module:

  • ENG 301 Style for Writers
  • ENG 306 Professions in Writing
  • ENG 361 Literary Types
  • ENG 401 Special Topics in Writing (may be repeated up to 6 hrs, under different subtitles)
  • ENG 405 Editing English Prose
  • ENG 509 Composition for Teachers

Film and Media Module:

  • ENG 283 Japanese Film
  • ENG 381 History of Film I
  • ENG 382 History of Film II
  • ENG 480G Studies in Film and Media

Language Study Module:

  • ENG/LIN 310 American English
  • LIN 319 Historical Linguistics
  • LIN 512 Modem English Grammar
  • LIN 513 TESL
  • LIN 514 TESL Materials and Methods
  • LIN 515 Phonological Analysis
  • LIN 516 Grammatical Analysis
  • ENG 519 Introduction to Old English

Theory Module:

  • ENG 486G Studies in Theory
  • ENG 487G Cultural Studies
  • ENG 488G Gender and Sexuality Studies

English Education Emphasis Module:

  • ENG 264 Major Black Writers, or ENG 483G African American/Diasporic Literature
  • ENG 509 Composition for Teachers
  • ENG 572 Studies in Literature for Teachers (recommended)

Additional hours (18 hours): At least 18 additional hours are required, at least 15 of which must be courses outside the English department. Most of these courses will be at the 300-level or above.


Minor Requirements: 18 hours

The minor consists of a total of 18 hours, of which at least 12 hours must be at or above the 300 level. The hours are to be distributed as follows:

1. Two of the following courses (six hours)

  • ENG 331 Survey of British Literature I, Beowulf-Milton
  • ENG 332 Survery of British Literature II, Dryden-Present
  • ENG 334 Survey of American Literature I, Origins-1865
  • ENG 335 Survey of American Literature II, 1865-Present

2. One course in Shakespeare (three hours)

3. Three more courses (nine hours) selected from the department's offerings (excluding all 100-level courses and English 203, 204, 205, 261, 262).

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