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Academic Programs / English Undergraduate Program / Creative Writing Minor and Option

Creative Writing Minor and Option

Creative Writing Minor  | Creative Writing Option

Minor in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Minor is for non-majors and consists of a total of 18 hours, of which at least 9 hours must be at or above the 300 level, distributed as follows:

  • One ENG Historical Survey course (ENG 241, ENG 242, ENG 251, ENG 252, ENG 265, or ENG 266): 3 hours
  • ENG 207 Beginning Workshop in Creative Writing: 3 hours
  • ENG 407 Intermediate Workshop in Creative Writing: 3 hours
  • Plus one additional Creative Writing course (ENG 107, ENG 207, ENG 407, or ENG 507): 3 hours
  • Two non-Creative Writing ENG courses at the 300-level or above: 6 hours

Creative Writing Option Within the English Major

The Creative Writing Option is a distinction available to English majors who follow a path of disciplined coursework in the UK English Department Creative Writing curriculum. Graduates who achieve the Creative Writing Option will have this distinction on their final University transcripts upon graduation.

Beginning in Fall 2013, ENG majors who complete the following courses and requirements are eligible for the Creative Writing Option:

  • ENG 207 Introductory Workshop in Creative Writing: 3 hours
  • ENG 407 Intermediate Workshop in Creative Writing: 3 hours
  • ENG 507 Advanced Workshop in Creative Writing, taken twice and (usually) in the same genre, but not under identical subtitles. Both ENG 507s not taken concurrently: 6 hours
  • a 30-50 page portfolio of creative work composed of short stories, poems, nonfiction, or a mixture of several genres. Much of this work will have been initiated in classes at UK, although it will be significantly revised and developed for this portfolio, and then submitted to the student's Creative Writing Option Portfolio Advisor for evaluation, generally 6 weeks prior to graduation. Students must request a Creative Writing faculty member to serve as their Portfolio Advisor in advance.

Students interested in pursuing the Creative Writing Option can fill out this form and bring it to the English Department on the 12th floor of Patterson Office Tower or email it to Robin Rahija. For additional questions about the Creative Writing Option, please contact Andrew Milward (

Total required option hours: 12 (included in the courses taken for the major)