Calendar - Russia

Lecture: “The People’s Avengers: The Soviet Guerrilla War in World War II”

Lecture: "From Fichte to Florensky: The Adaptation of German Idealism within Russian Philosophy"

Local Event: Firebird & Fandangos

Oksana Silantieva, Novosibirsk, Russia, Lecture

A Secret History: The Real Young Stalin

Lecture: "When Will the Real Day Come? Soviet World War II Films, 1945-1985"

Soviet Animation in the 1960s: Changing Styles & Themes

Animated Film Festival: Norshtein Retrospective

William Pridemore, Indiana University

Louise Shelley Lecture, "Organized Crime in Russia"

Animated Film Festival: The Perestroika Period

Robin Haarr, Lecture, "Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Stacy Closson, Lecture: "Energy Empire: Russia, Europe, and the Politics of Energy Interdependence"

Daniel E. Collins, Lecture, “b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

Linguistics Program Seminar: Daniel E. Collins, "Recovering Written and Unwritten Messages: The Pragmatics of (Im)politeness in Medieval Russian Birch bark Letters"

Film Showing: My Father is Baryshnikov (Russia)

An Evening of Mongolian Dance and Music

Daniel Prior, Lecture “Riding through a Kirghiz Epic Poem”

Daniel Prior, Lecture ”How a Horse Theft Becomes a Praise Poem"

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

Stefan Pugh, Lecture, "The Rusyns and their language: East Slavs in search of identity"

Stefan Pugh, Linguistics Program Seminar, “The Linguistics of Rusyn: Phonological and Morphological Systems, Language Contact”

Erin Koch, Lecture, “Saakashvili's "zero tolerance" Regime & Its Consequences”

Russian Tea/Русский чай

Film Showing: Gruber’s Journey (Romania)

Karen Petrone, Lecture, "A Short Course on Soviet History: 1917-1941."

Kemal Pervanic, Lecture: "How We Live Our LIves: Personal Reflections of a Genocide Survivor."

Ernie Yanarella Lecture, "From Sputnik to Chernobyl: The Shadow Side of Soviet Belief in Technology’s Promethean Powers"

Local Event: State Ballet Theatre of Russia: "The Nutcracker"

Linguistics Program Seminar: Edward J. Vajda, "The Ket Language of Siberia"

Lecture: "Patriarch Tikhon and the Orthodox Church in North America and Revolutionary Russia, 1898-1925"

Русский чай Russian Tea and Soviet Poster Exhibit Opening

Film Showing--Tarkovsky's Solyaris (1972)

Audiology & Hearing Rehabilitation Services in Russia

Film Showing: The Island (2006)

"Fathers and Sons: Do all the Russians in the USA speak the same language?"

Annual Luckens Prize Lecture in Jewish Studies

The Russian World View in Folk Religious Song

Film Showing: Roads to Koktebel (2003)

Russian Oil and Mineral Resources Immediately After the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Exhibition of Russian Conceptualist Art: Opening Reception

Film Viewing & Discussion of Women's Issues in the region: "4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 days"

Concert: Russian Songs, Arias and Duets

Lecture: "Patriarch Tikhon and the Orthodox Church in North America and Revolutionary Russia, 1898-1925"

"My Life Story through Art - Allegorical Surrealism by O. Sheymov"

Cyberspace and Security-Challenges and Solutions

Film Showing: How I Ended This Summer (2010)

Russian Tea Русский чай

Russian Tea Русский чай

Symposium: Britten and Shostakovich "and art made tongue-tied by authority"

Eradzh Nidoev in Journalism 101

Lecture: Alcoholism Rehab in Russia

The Moscow Canal & the Creation of Soviet Space

Lecture: Conflicting Realms of Russian: "Putin was Sent to Russia by God" vs. P****-Riot

Lecture: Differential Object Marking in (North) Russia and Spanish

Russian Conversation Hour Русский разговор with special guest, broadcast journalist Eradzh Nidoev

Concert: Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma

Concert: Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma

Lecture: "Interrelating Shamans, Politics, Ecology and Spirituality in Siberia”

Roundtable: Central Asian Education

Русский разговор

Lecture: "The Great War in Russian Memory"

Tetris - From Russia With Love - Documentary Film

Matryoshka Painting and Russian Fairy-Tale Telling

Lecture: "Empires and Global History"

Lecture: Dacha Enchantments: Living a Natural Life in the New Russia

Film: "She Defends the Motherland" (No Greater Love)

"ELENA" - Modern Russian Society in Contemporary Russian Film

Concert: Lexington Philharmonic performs Shostakovich

Reimagining Early Modern Russian History

Film: "The Cranes are Flying"

Russian & Ukrainian Songs--A Recital

Russian Tea Русский чай

Lecture: "Remembering the Soviet-Afghan War: How a Blockbuster Film, Online Chat Rooms, Video Games, and Russian Veterans have Reshaped the Meanings of Russia’s Vietnam"

Concert: Lexington Philharmonic performs Rachmaninov's 3rd