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Why Choose English?

The English department offers a wide variety of courses in English and American literature as well as comparative literature, linguistics, film, creative writing, and composition. Students will choose courses that deepen their awareness of culture and heritage, expand their understanding of human nature and the human condition, and develop their capacity to use and appreciate the English language. Students are encouraged to participate in internships, research, campus groups, and volunteer organizations to compliment and strengthen individual career objectives. The department of English offers both a major and minor.

What skills does studying English develop?
- critical, theoretical, and practical methods for analyzing written works
- effective collaboration with fellow writers, scholars and critics
- clarifying ideas, presenting alternative viewpoints and persuading audiences by using language effectively in speech and writing
- appreciation of ancient and contemporary written works
- ability to meet deadlines while following creative developments
Undergraduate education requirements
Graduate education requirements

Career Opportunities

Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, English majors develop a broad skill set and are prepared for success in a variety of careers. Although many English students choose to stay in education, either as a teacher or researcher, most find employment in fields such as publishing, journalism, writing, private business, cultural centers, entertainment and communication. English majors are well prepared to continue their education in English, business or law graduate programs. Occupations include but are not limited to the following:

- publishing specialist
- film researcher
- radio/television copywriter
- sales and marketing
- communications specialist
- public relations
- libraries
- corporate communications
- editor
- staff or freelance writer
- teacher/professor
- English as a second language instructor
- policy and procedures analyst
- professional training and development
- novelist
- literary critic
- technical writer
- journalist
- playwright
- non-profit organizations
- contract and grant writing
- human resources and management


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