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Drew Heverin

Research Interests:
Public Sphere Theory
Early Stuart Literature
Renaissance Dramas
About Me

My name is Drew Heverin – an instructor at in the WRD Dept and scholar of the early modern public sphere. Having spent time exploring how Renaissance apprentices of became active citizens in Shakespeare’s London, I now help students develop an effective voice and communicate effectively in the real world. As a writing instructor, I work with novice writers to craft compelling, multimodal arguments for academic, professional, and personal arenas, building strong and well-supported cases to both inform and persuade invested audiences.

At their core, my courses urge students to confront the publics in which they circulate – exploring how their voice (and their texts) contributes to a variety of ongoing conversations.  Throughout the course of a semester, I ask students to engage in intriguing debates, acquaint themselves with principle stakeholders, and, eventually, enter the debate by crafting rhetorically aware projects of their own. Whether composing targeted recommendation reports, learning a new language, or writing their first collegiate essay, I encourage students to engage with and join a greater public sphere– to add their voice and effect change in a rhetorical arena of invested auditors. In this way, I hope students leave my class ready to defend their opinions and contribute to a society beyond the confines of a single course.

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

“A Lyon Lurketh in the Way”: The Apprentices of London, the Caroline Public Sphere, and the Realization of a Political Force. Mélanges de l'Ecole Française de Rome. 131.2 (2019): 285-293.

“Thou Trade which didst sustaine my poverty”: Thomas Heywood’s The Four Prentices of London and the Emergence of an Early Modern Counterpublic. Ben Jonson Journal 24.2 (2017): 223-245.

Heverin, Drew and David Hoopes. “Celebrity Culture and the Rise of the Ordinary: Interview with Joshua Gamson.” disClosure 19 (2010):38-43.

Other Publications

Heverin, Drew, Kevin Schupe, Sean Bienert, Matthew Beale, Christopher Hennessey, Julianna Hobbs, and Lee Sidebottom. Writing Clearly for the iBT TOEFL. Proprietary publication for Avalon English+ Institute and affiliated programs. (2007).