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From Japanese to a Job: An Interview with Recent Graduate Kenneth Taylor

Recent UK  graduate Kenneth Taylor had been interested in Japanese since high school, so when the College of Arts & Sciences began offering a full degree program for the Japanese Language, Kenneth couldn't turn the opportunity down, nevermind that he was already studying mechanical engineering. In this podcast, Kenneth discusses why he chose Japanese Studies and Mechanical Engineering and what he is doing with his degrees.


This podcast was produced by Sam Burchett.

Watching the Transit of Venus at UK Arboretum

Stargazing is typically reserved for after sundown, but what if you want to look at the biggest star in the sky? On June 5th, 2012, the planet Venus was visible by day – traveling in front of the sun! This is called the Transit of Venus, and is a rare astronomical event. A few hundred people gathered at the UK Arboretum to view the transit of Venus through special telescopes that allow safe observation of solar activity.

Preventing Violence: The VIP Center with Melanie Matson and Ashley Hockney

The University of Kentucky's Violence Intervention and Prevention Center is located in the lower level of Frazee Hall. The Center's purpose is to prevent violence on our campus and in our communities. In this podcast, the Center's Director, Melanie Matson, and student volunteer Ashley Hockney explain what the VIP Center is and how you can get involved. For more information, you can visit the VIP Center's website.

This podcast was produced by Sam Burchett.


From Fulbright to a Full Life: A Conversation with Alumnus John T Bondurant

The College of Arts & Sciences has had many Fulbright recipents in its long history. John T Bondurant, a 1956 graduate of the college, recieved his Fulbright as an undergraduate at the College in the 1950s. In this podcast, Mr. Bondurant recounts his experiences during his Fulbright year in Scotland and also discusses how his liberal arts education helped him in throughout his career and life.

This podcast was produced by Sam Burchett.

An Outstretched Hand: The Outsource with Allie Huddleston

Did you know UK has an LGBT outreach center? In this podcast, Gender and Women's Studies junior Allie Huddleston, the co-director of UK's LGBT outreach center the OUTsource, tells us what the OUTsource does and how interested students may get involved. If you would like more information about the OUTsource, you can visit their office in the Student Center.

This podcast was produced by Sam Burchett.

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