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150 Years of Teaching, Research & Service at UK

Through the original words of Professor Frank X. Walker and historical images and video of students, staff, faculty and alumni, this piece celebrates 150 years of teaching, research and service at the University of Kentucky and challenges all of us to look towards the future. Watch as Walker performs "Seedtime in the Commonwealth."

Originally created by UK Public Relations:

Photos courtesy of UK Special Collections.

Rhetoric in a Multi-Modal World: Craig Crowder

Written texts, YouTube videos, podcasts - these are all means of communicating ideas to others. Craig Crowder is a graduate student in the Department of English and teaches Composition & Communication classes, WRD 110 & 111. In this podcast, Crowder discusses ways to engage students via multimedia projects, and his research, which examines social movement rhetoric in a society that uses multiple modes of communication.

WRD 420: Feminist Rhetorics with Katherine Rogers-Carpenter

What do Aspasia (the companion of Pericles), Sojourner Truth (the orator of the famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech), and the 1990s Riot Grrrl movement have in common? They will all be featured in Katherine Rogers-Carpenter's "Feminist Rhetorics" (WRD 420/A&S 300), which will examine the speeches and texts of women whose voices have led to lasting social changes in their community and in a global context. The class, which will trace feminist rhetorics from Ancient Greece to contemporary feminist theory, is one of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media's groundbreaking course offerings for Spring 2012.

WRD 205: Screen/Writing with Joshua Abboud

Have you sent an email, written a text, or posted on a social media site today? If you have, then you have communicated via the medium of a screen. From the way televisions have shaped family dynamics in the home, to the way cell phones and computers have influenced grammar and penmanship, the screen pervades our ways of communicating. Joshua Abboud will address the interrelationship between the screen and writing in "Screen/Writing" (WRD 205/ENG 305), one of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media's groundbreaking course offerings for Spring 2012.

WRD 205: Rhetorics of Violence and Non-Violence with Beth Connors-Manke

Did you know that there is a new certificate in the works for Peace Studies? Beth Connors-Manke is teaching "Rhetorics of Violence and Non-Violence" (WRD 205/ENG 205) in Spring 2012, and it will be a component of that certification program. The class is one of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media's groundbreaking course offerings for Spring 2012.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.

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