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Other Funding

Travel Grants & Research Grants

For Undergraduate Research in A&S, students are able to apply for funds to support (a) travel to conferences, and (b) research expenses.  A student may receive up to $500 total over both of those categories, per academic year.  Thanks very much to the Office of Undergraduate Research for providing funds to the colleges to support undergraduate research.  Funds distributed through the College of Arts & Sciences will be restricted to A&S majors only.

Internship Funding

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta, the National Honors Society for students of English, offers its members many opportunities to compete for scholarships that support study abroad, summer study, tuition and graduate programs.  They also offer support for summer internships, including a chance to intern at Penguin Books in New York City for the summer.  Many UK students have competed and won support from Sigma Tau Delta.  To be eligible, students must be dues-paying members.  For more information, contact the faculty sponsor, Pearl James,

Most Sigma Tau Delta scholarship deadlines are in April, but for those interested in applying for support to study abroad or participate in a summer program, the fall deadline is November 5, 2018.  See

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