English Graduate Student Organization

Welcome to the English Graduate Student Organization

Each year, EGSO supports graduate student professionalism and camaraderie by organizing and sponsoring recurring events. Casual Colloquium, a monthly professionalism opportunity, allows volunteer graduate students at various stages in their course work or dissertation writing to present their research to a community of peers. EGSO’s “Let’s Write” workshop provides students at any stage an opportunity to receive and provide regular feedback on writing projects throughout the semester and over the summer. Each spring, EGSO holds a symposium for graduate student in the MA, MFA, and PhD programs to present their work to colleagues and faculty in a formal conference format. Lastly, EGSO fosters graduate student collegiality through a weekly Happy Hour at locally owned Lexington businesses.

If you are interested in the graduate study in English at the University of Kentucky and would like to speak with English Graduate Students, please do not hesitate to contact EGSO.

Link to the EGSO webpage: https://ukyegso.wixsite.com/ukegso

EGSO Contact Information
Katie McClain, President
Patterson Office Tower

E-mail: k.j.mcclain@uky.edu

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