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EGSO Symposium: Day 1 of 2


The 2023 EGSO Symposium will be held on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3 on the University of Kentucky's campus. The Symposium, which is centered around the theme of "Resilience," will include a combination of student panels, workshops, readings, and events hosted by Keynote Speaker Dr. Rita Felski. Most events are scheduled to be in-person, however, there will be the option to zoom into most of the sessions. Schedules and locations to be announced. Any questions or comments can be directed to Alexis Draut at


10 a.m. – coffee and snacks in the Fish Bowl (POT, 12th floor) 

11 a.m. – Dr. Felski workshop and Q&A (Patterson Hall 209) 

2 p.m. – Interactive Gaming Workshop with Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Gray and B Bailey (E-Sports Lounge) 

3:30 p.m. – Student Panel – “Political Rhetoric and Resilience” with Mark Hines, Sam Aftel, Andy Cheng (Patterson Hall 219) 

6 p.m. – Appetizers / Meet & Greet Dr. Felski – Girls Girls Girls Burritos