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MFA Timeline


The course of study for the UK MFA in Creative Writing is very flexible and interdisciplinary in scope, combining a curriculum of studio and research. We place emphasis on fostering both the artistic process of the student and said student's literary study and related creative work.

At the core of the curriculum are the writing workshops that concentrate on the production of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. The second-year thesis hours (ENG 768) are dedicated to shaping each student’s work into book form. In addition, students must defend their thesis in an oral exam. Total credits must add up to 30 hours of coursework following a plan drawn up by the MFA creative writing faculty. PLEASE NOTE: students funded through UK must take 9 hrs per semester to maintain full-time status, for a total of 36 hrs.

All MFA candidates must fulfill the University regulations, as stated in The Graduate School Bulletin.

MFA Thesis

The thesis component of the MFA degree consists of a substantial body of original writing and an oral examination. Both are required for successful completion of the MFA degree. The thesis will be a substantial body of original writing—over 120 pages of fiction (short stories, novella or novel), non-fiction, or a collection of approximately 48 poems. A committee of three faculty members chosen by the student and approved by the Director of Creative Writing must approve the thesis. 

Course Requirements

12 hrs - ENG 607 workshops (one ENG 607 per semester for 4 semesters)
6 hrs - ENG 608 craft classes
3 hrs - any ENG literature graduate seminar course (600+ level)
3 hrs - any other graduate course
6 hrs - ENG 768 or other graduate courses
30 hrs total
Sample MFA Timeline (if funded through UK)
Fall of your first year
- ENG 607 (3 hrs)
- ENG 608 (3 hrs)
- ENG literature graduate seminar (3 hrs)
Spring of your first year
- ENG 607 (3 hrs)
- ENG 608 (3 hrs)
- any other graduate course (3 hrs)
Fall of your second year
- ENG 607 (3 hrs)
- any other graduate courses (6 hrs)
Spring of your second year
- ENG 607 (3 hrs)
- ENG 768 or any other graduate courses (6 hrs)