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Fall Courses


Fall 2024 Courses


ENG 100-001
T 11:00 - 11:50
Matt Godbey

This course serves as an orientation to the benefits and requirements of majoring in English. You will learn about multiple fields, including American literature, African American literature, British literature, Creative Writing, and Film. You will meet professors, learn how to earn honors and do internships in English, hear about fellowships and study abroad opportunities, and discover different careers for English majors. You will get to know fellow English majors and have the chance to get involved with extra-curricular activities in the English Department. In addition to providing practical know-how, this class raises philosophical and conceptual questions for our consideration and discussion throughout the semester. How can you make the most of your college experience? Why is it important to study language, literature, and the humanities? How will the English major prepare you for life and a career in the 21st century? This class will put you on a track to excel and get the most out of your major. 1 credit hour Pass/Fail.