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Randall Roorda


Office Hours Fall 2018: TR 2-3


Areas of Specialty:

Selected Publications:
  • Dramas of Solitude: Narratives of Retreat in American Nature Writing, State University of New York Press, 1998.
  • “Wilderness Wives: Domestic Economy and Women’s Participation in Nature,” Women and the Canadian Environment, ed. R. Raglon and C. Sandilands, University of British Columbia Press, forthcoming.
  • “Nearly Dead: East Coast Naturalists Retire to Santa Barbara,” ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews 14.4 (Fall 2001) 67-73.
  • “Great Divides: Rhetorics of Literacy and Orality,” Ecocomposition: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches, ed. S. Dobrin and C. Weisser, SUNY Press, 2001, 97-116.
  • “White Tassel: A Family Trip to Killarney,” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 7.1 (Winter 2000), 171-82.
  • “Sites and Senses of Writing in Nature,” College English 59.4 (April 1997), 385-407.