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Research Interests:

Kasimma is the author of All Shades of Iberibe and is a 2021 Nikky Finney Fellow. Her stories and poems appear on Guernica, LitHub, Writer’s Digest, Meet Cute, Native Skin, Solarpunk Magazine, The Forge Literary, The Puritan, Kikwetu, Isele Magazine, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Dgeku, Afreecan Read, and many other journals and anthologies. She’s been awarded writers’ residencies and workshops across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Kasimma has enjoyed, very thankfully, the privilege of learning under the voices of Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and others. You can read more about her and her works on

Kasimma is from Igboland—obodo ndị dike.

Selected Publications:


All Shades of Iberibe

Sve Nijanse Iberibe



Guernica (Mbuze)Lit Hub (Caked Memories); Solapunk Magazine (Onyema’s Head); Forge Literary Magazine (Vox Populi, Vox Dei); Jellyfish review (Jesus’ Yard); Afreecan Read (Blood on the streets of Lagos); Typehouse Literary Magazine (Grief is a Rock); The Puritan Literary Magazine (This Man); Kikwetu Journal (My “Late” Grandfather); Orbis Journal (I’m in a cave); Cacti Fur (A plastic Bowl of Snake); The Bombay Review (Biyi, Her Beloved Husband); Isele Magazine (Healthy Heart)Trampset (What Ifs); Sledgehammer (Dear Pastor); The Native Skin (My Heart); Meetcute (Along Love series, 1-3); Allegory Magazine (The Price of Fee); Dgeku (Evocation); Isele Magazine (Postpartum interiorities contributor); The Lake (I’m in a Cave); If There’s Anyone Left (Adventures of Mmụọ); Expat Press (Nnedimma); Sylvia Magazine (Relationtrain); FatherFather (Pregnancy is Expectation); Cinnabar Moth Winter Anthology (Jackie); Bridigs Gate Press Anthology (Slave of the Living Dead); African Traditional Literature (Ezuga); Brittle Paper (100 African Writers Celebrate Biyi Bandele’s Life and Work).