John G. Cawelti

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  • Emeritus Professor
  • English
John G. Cawelti, PhD University of Iowa. Taught at University of Kentucky, 1980-2000. A&S Distinguished Professor, 1994. Formerly taught at University of Chicago (1957-80.) Research and teaching interests in 20th century American literature, modernism, detective fiction, spy fiction, westerns, science fiction and popular culture. The John G. Cawelti Award is presented annually in his honor by the Popular Culture Association, of which he was founding member. Author of Apostles of the Self-Made Man (University of Chicago Press, 1965), The Six-Gun Mystique (1970), Why Pop? (1973), Adventure, Mystery, and Romance: Formula Stories as Art and Popular Culture (1976), The Spy Story (1987), Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture (2004.)