Technical Path

You could be:

Financial Writer
Medial Writer
Ticker Writer
Technical Publications

Where would I be working?

Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

  • Local newspapers
  • Magazines (local and wide scope)
  • Program media companies (television, radio, film)
  • Internet news sites, blogs, lifestyle pages (contributing writers)
  • Management, scientific, and technical consulting companies
  • Medical companies, human resources, construction companies
  • Retailers (manuals, advertisements)
  • Engineering firms (technical manuals)
  • Healthcare industry (medical manuals)
  • Computer systems design companies
  • Software Publishers
  • Self-employed: able to work in many above workplaces under temporary contract (could be hired on after certain time working)
  • Publishing presses (local and national)
  • Playhouse in-house writer
  • Film academies (screenplay)
  • Greeting Card Companies
  • Advertising houses (jingle writing)

How do I get here?

  • Develop word processing, editing, grammar, language, and desktop publishing skills
  • Join the newspaper, literary journals, or other various writing groups on campus
  • Volunteer to write or edit publications with a local non-profit organization, assisting or tutoring students in a writing center, or as a research assistant in a technical information department
  • Major in Creative Writing/Minor in English or Major in English/minor in Creative writing
  • Major in Journalism/minor in English or Major in English/minor in journalism
  • Minor in or take classes in science and computer science
  • Earn a bachelors with a focus in English, communication, or journalism
  • Be patient and persistent when trying to begin a career in creative writing and freelance/self-employment
  • Research the publishing industry to gain access to various positions in the career
  • Make sure to volunteer, work part-time, or seek out internships pertaining to a particular facet of writing

A Day in the Life


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