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Teaching Awards

Provost Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • 2023: Katie Kohls 
Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Large Courses
  • 2016: Michelle Sizemore
Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award in Humanities
  • 2022: Regina Hamilton
  • 2023: Peter Kalliney
Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award for Lecturers
  • 2021: Michael Carter
Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • 2021: Katie McClain
  • 2023: Kimaya Thakur

Arts and Sciences Graduate Mentoring Award

  • 2020: Jill Rappoport

Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award

  • 2020: Marion Rust

Department of English Jean G. Pival Outstanding Teaching Assistant

  • 2023: Daria Goncharova

Department of English Certificate of Outstanding Teaching

  • 2020: Jenn Murray
Department of English Outstanding Creative Writing Teaching Assistant Award
  • 2021: Shanita Jackson
WRD Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2021: Mills Handy, Katie Kohls, Adam Quinn, Amanda Salmon
  • 2020: Mills Handy, Jannell Parsons, Kendall Sewell