Nonprofit Path

You can do:




Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

  • Museums or Historical Sites
  • Historical Associations and Societies
  • Cultural Heritage Organizations
  • Research and Service Institutions
  • Libraries
  • Educational institutions
  • Special Interest Groups  (American Red Cross,Girl Scouts of America, Salvation Army, etc.)
  • Foundations
  • Start your own nonprofit organization
  • Philanthropies

How do I get here?

  • Find volunteer opportunities that you enjoy contributing to and have a passion for
  • Work towards a leadership role in different community organizations and campus organizations
  • Develop your communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Take courses in business, psychology, or social work on top of an English major
  • Take a course in grant writing; regardless of your desired career this skill will be an asset to your resume
  • Work towards understanding fiscal needs and budgeting needs; take a few courses or outside classes on fiscal responsibility and small business cash flow
  • Discover your passions and find an organization (or create one) that you can contribute to and enjoy
  • Find an internship within a relevant program or join a service corps as a way to enter the field

A Day in the Life



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