Media Path

You can be:

Digital Media Sales Consultant
Media Supervisor
Media Planner
Social Media Consultant

Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities                                                       

  • Advertising agencies                                                                      
  • In-house agencies of large companies (pharmaceutical, advertising firms, automobiles, beauty, etc.)
  • In-house agencies of small or local businesses (local restaurants, boutiques, advertising firms, etc.)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine/press agencies
  • Program media companies (television, radio, film)

How do I get here?

  • Join the student newspaper, radio, or TV channel and help promote student or private organizations through advertisements
  • Develop a knowledge of various social media or media trends and interests in certain groups
  • Take part in courses in advertising, art, graphic design, or journalism
  • Gain experience through an internship opportunity with an off-campus advertising firm, newspaper, or marketing agency
  • Be ready to start out in a lower position in your field and work your way up in the ranks
  • Make sure to take a few courses in statistics if you are interested in a marketing position
  • Begin to put together a portfolio of your writing or art pieces in order to display your ability in the position

A Day in the Life


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