Kemal Pervanic, Lecture: "How We Live Our LIves: Personal Reflections of a Genocide Survivor."

11/26/2012 - 4:00pm to 7:07pm
Student Center 230
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Kemal Pervanic
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Kemal Pervanic is a survivor of the Serb concentration camp of Omarska that was established in northwestern Bosnia in May 1992 as part of a strategy of "ethnic cleansing." Mr. Pervanic wrote of his experiences during the startup phase of the war in Bosnia in his memoir "The Killing Days: My Journey through the Bosnian War" (Blake: London, 1999). He is at work on a second book dealing with his activities in support of ethnic Muslim refugees seeking to reestablish an existence in the area in northwestern Bosnia from which he and they were expelled in 1992. He is also collaborating with filmmaker David Evans on a documentary film "Pretty Village." During Fall Semester 2012 he is in residence at Columbia University as Human Rights Activist 2012.