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kjmc254's picture
PhD Candidate
1306 Patterson Office Tower
AMI338's picture
Associate Professor
Creative Writing
1221 Patterson Office Tower
lsmi224's picture
MA Candidate
Gender and Women's Studies, Film, Bibliotherapy, 20th & 21st Century American Culture and Literature
smo358's picture
(she/her), Associate Professor, Director of Equity & Inclusion Initiatives (CELT)
1251 Patterson Office Tower
JMU262's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Multi-ethnic U.S. Literature, Migration and Immigration, Trauma Literature and Trauma Studies, Gender studies, Literature of the Holocaust, Disability Studies, Rural Poverty
1306 Patterson Office Tower
amnade2's picture
William T. Bryan Professor
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Film, Literary Theory, Race Theory
1363 Patterson Office Tower
ena225's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Postmodernism, Postmodern American Gothic, feminist theory, Horror Film and Fiction, Popular Culture, Gender and Popular Culture, 20th and 21st Century American Literature, Experimental Fiction
1202 Patterson Office Tower
jne230's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Post-1945 American Literature and Culture, Autofiction and Autotheory, Social Theory, Psychoanalysis, Film Studies
gnorman's picture
Creative Writing
1257 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1154
KJOC222's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
20th and 21st Century American Literature, Postcolonial/Decolonial Theory, transnationalism, Contemporary Poetry, Latinx Literature
eppa224's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
rlpa224's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Early American Literature and Culture, Environmental Humanities, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies
1218 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6990
JMC329's picture
PhD Student, Graduate Instructor
19th and 20th century American literature, Southern literature, African African American and Caribbean Literature and Culture, Irish Literature, Gender & Women's Studies, Transnational Feminisms, Postcolonial feminisms
1218 Patterson Office Tower
mpe333's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor, Managing Editor- PLUCK! Journal
1235 Patterson Office Tower
email contact preferred
kbpick2's picture
Department Manager Senior, Department of English
1201 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-2901
hpi223's picture
Creative Writing
1269 POT
(859) 257-1271
ajprat1's picture
Film, Literary Theory
1271 Patterson Office Tower
CAQU227's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Colonial Through Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture, African American Literature, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Gender and Women's Studies
1318 Patterson Office Tower
rlso222's picture
Department Manager Associate, Department of English
1207 POT
(859) 257-6895
jnra224's picture
Associate Professor
Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, Literary Theory
1255 Patterson Office Tower


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