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MA Candidate
20th- and 21st-century American Literature and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Postmodernism, Film Studies, Marxism and Neoliberalism, Affect Theory, Critical Theory
yak222's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Creative Writing
POT 1206 MON 12-2pm
jalliso's picture
Professor of English, Department Chair
Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British Literature and Culture
1203 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6961
PMAL224's picture
PhD Student, Graduate Instructor
African Brazilian Literature, Black Brazilian Literature, Black Literature from the African diaspora, Black Feminism, Creative Writing, Afrofuturism, Science Fiction, Afro Latino Studies
1222 Patterson Office Tower
lba286's picture
PhD Candidate
queer studies, gender, Literature and Film Studies, Critical Race Theory, contemporary literature
fkbe223's picture
1305 Patterson Office Tower
vblum1's picture
Professor, Research Candidate, Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute
Colonial Through Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture, Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Film, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, Literary Theory
emeritus-joan-blythe's picture
Emeritus Professor
kbo230's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
SMMA265's picture
PhD Candidate
1306 Patterson Office Tower
jbr452's picture
Assistant Professor of English
Classical Hollywood Cinema, Contemporary Hollywood Cinema, 20th Century American Literature, Modernism, Film
1365 Patterson Office Tower
mcart00's picture
Senior Lecturer - English Department
1323 Patterson Office Tower
emeritus-john-cawelti's picture
Emeritus Professor
cpez222's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
emeritus-john-clubbe's picture
Emeritus Professor
jaclym3's picture
19th and 20th century American literature, Economic Humanities
1265 Patterson Office Tower
dmcoll4's picture
MFA Candidate
Creative Nonfiction
cbco252's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Detective Fiction, 20 and 21st Century American Literature, Multicultural American literature, Multicultural Detective Fiction
1206 Patterson Office Tower
dada242's picture
PhD Candidate
19th and 20th century British literature, Gender studies, Cultural Geography and Spatial Theory, War Fiction, 20th Century American Literature
SNSY222's picture
MFA Candidate


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