Editing Path

You could be:

Editorial Assistant
Commissioning Editor
Section Editor
Web Editor

Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities                                                                    

  • Publishing for large trade companies                                                   
  • Local and international magazine companies (Skirt, Tops in Lex, special interest magazines, etc.)
  • Magazines and newsletters for associations
  • University presses
  • Professional publishers (Penguin, Pearson, Scholastic, etc.)
  • Scholarly Publishing (academic journals, textbook production,
  • etc.)
  • Independent publishers (think local or independent publishers)
  • Alternative media publishing (e-books, audio books)

How do I get here?

  • Take part in the campus newspaper, literary journals, or other various writing groups around campus
  • Volunteer to write or edit newsletters and publications for local organizations
  • Develop and hone your editing, grammatical, language, and publishing skills; also study into word processing and digital desktop publishing programs
  • Minor in journalism or a related field; take some additional courses in communications or computer science
  • Research the publishing industry to see where your job prospects lie; many major publishing houses are in large cities across the US
  • Find an internship at a publishing firm or the university press to build your resume



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