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CESL Visits the Cincinnati Zoo

On Saturday, June 20, 2015, Lina Crocker, Senior Lecturer at the Center for English as a Second Language, and her husband led a group of 40 CESL students on a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. The visit was a special experience for the students, many of whom had not previously been to a zoo.

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“They were as fascinated as young children usually are when they first visit a zoo,” Crocker said. 

Despite the rainy and humid weather, Saad Mohammed Ali, a CESL student, said he really enjoyed himself. He particularly enjoyed seeing the lions and had fun experiencing the zoo in general.

“I like the environment. It is full of diversity,” Ali said.   

This trip is one of many opportunities the Center for English as a Second Language provides its students to experience American culture and spend time with other students in the program.  

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