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20/21 C. Working Group

Convener: Peter Kalliney, William J and Nina B Tuggle Chair in English


The 20/21C. working group is a research collective here at the University of Kentucky English department.  Each year the convener will try to arrange a program of events for faculty and graduate students who study modern and contemporary literature and culture.  In addition to inviting scholars to visit our campus and talk about their research, we also invite graduate students and faculty to present their work in progress.  For information, please contact Peter Kalliney:


Funding for events is provided by the English Department and the Bryan, Davenport, and Tuggle chairs


Schedule of Events

Peter Kalliney, University of Kentucky: Friday 5 November 2021

Asha Rogers, University of Birmingham (UK): Friday December 3 2021

Jennifer Fay, Vanderbilt University: Friday, February 4 2022

Emily Naser-Hall, University of Kentucky: date TBD


2021-22 participants, including faculty and graduate students in years 2 and up of MA and PhD programs

Jonathan Allison, Professor

Jordan Brower, Assistant Professor

Deb Daley, PhD student

Kamahra Ewing, Assistant Professor

Sarah Garrod, MA student

Daria Goncharova, PhD student

Zach Griffith, PhD student

Regina Hamilton, Assistant Professor

DaMaris Hill, Associate Professor

Mark Hines, MA student

Margaret Kelly, PhD student

Peter Kalliney, Tuggle Chair

Jap-Nanak Makkar, Post-doctoral fellow

Shauna Morgan, Associate Professor

Alan Nadel, Bryan Chair

Emily Naser-Hall, PhD student

Kevin O'Connor, MA student

Jannell Parsons, PhD student

Justin Roberts, PhD student

Amanda Salmon, PhD student

Hannah Schultz, PhD student

Kimaya Thakur, PhD student

Michael Trask, Davenport Chair

Tanner Underwood, PhD student